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For more than sixty years, the Miller family has been servicing the oilfield and agricultural industries in Central Kansas. In the 1950s, PVC started making its debut into the world as we know it today. Cy Miller saw great potential in PVC as it was corrosive resistant, clean and easy to work with. In 1961, Cy pulled his car (literally) out of the garage and moved in a band saw. From there, Cy began hand making many fabricated PVC fittings that we still use today.

Cy had such success with the PVC materials, he was able to open a store front at 3929 10th Street in Great Bend in 1966. Employing himself, his son Tim, and five other employees "Miller Plastics" was already selling their products in eight different states by that time.

In 1967, Miller Plastics joined forces with Robinson Oilfield Specialties and expanded their inventory to PVC and ABS pipe and fittings that served the industrial, rural, municipal, irrigation, and electrical conduit needs. Plastic was quickly becoming the answer to many problems faced by manufacturers and oilfield services worldwide.

Many houses were now using PVC for their drain and vent lines because of the longevity and simplicity. PVC has a slick surface so it will not collect particulates and clay like steel pipe would.

At 52 years old, Tim was able to buy the family business from his father, Cy. It was at this point in 1973 that Miller Plastics moved to 4900 W. 10th Street in Great Bend. Also, with all of the changes happening in the business from inventory expansion to fabrication shops, it was apparent he was going to need some more help. Tim's daughter, Kim, started helping out with the family business after school at 10 years old. With new ownership came a new name. Formerly "Miller Plastics" was now "Oilfield Manufacturers Warehouse Plastics Division."

With the ongoing popularity and need for plastic materials, Tim once again moved the business to its current location at 115 Patton Road in 1976. Oilfield Manufacturers Warehouse Plastics Division was soon up and running with thousands of feet of plastic pipe in stock. Paired with a full fabrication shop, they could build just about anything to get the customer running again.

Plastic was soon being seen more and more. With all of the needs for plastic and poly pipe but no way to haul it, Tim engineered the Eze-Load trailer line. In the year 2000, Oilfield Manufacturers Warehouse sold their first trailer and had once again expanded their inventory to try and better serve the customer.

Oilfield Manufacturers Warehouse was awarded "Business of the Year" in 2011 by the Great Bend Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development. It was one year later in 2012, that Tim passed away after a tough battle with cancer. With his passing, his daughter Kim, who had been with the company since 1973, took over. In 2012, Kim's oldest son Chance began work at the family business as well. Miller's has been family owned and operated since 1952, and continues to strive for the best customer service every day.


1952 - Plastic products hit the market.

1961 - Cy Miller starts PVC fabrication shop in his garage.

1966 - Opened Headquarters at 3929 10th Street with Cy, Tim, and 5 employees.

1967 - Expanded to different types of plastics for industrial, rural, municipal, irrigation, and electrical conduit.

1972 - Tim bought the business and expanded to sprinkler systems, municipal and rural water and gas pipe, and added a full fabrication shop.

1973 - Moved location to 4700 W. 10th Street and Kim started working after school at 10 years old.

1976 - Moved to current location at 115 Patton Road and built a state-of-the-art fabrication shop. Expanded sales to fiberglass pipe and fittings. Thousands of feet in PVC pipe in inventory.

2000 - Began building and sellling Eze-Load Trailers.

2011 - Earned Business of the Year Award from the Great Bend Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development.

2012 - Chance, a fourth generation of the Miller family, started working for the company.

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